LeBron James' Hood of West Akron

The Move to West Akron: The Akron Ghetto Story Akron, Ohio, a small city that is just 30 minutes south of Cleveland, has become famously known for being the hometown and birthplace of basketball superstar…

HuSTLe City: The City of St. Louis

Hustle City and the St Louis Ghetto Story North St Louis The dividing line between the two different societies of St. Louis, the streets and the richness of St. Louis’ elite, is Delmar Boulevard that…

Map of Cleveland, OH Hoods

Map of Cleveland Hoods The Cleveland hoods, divided into Down Tha Way, West Side, Up Tha Way, Out Tha Way, can be seen from the West Side to the Heights on the map with some areas of the…

The LAND: Inside the East Side of Cleveland

The LAND: Inside the Streets of the Cleveland Ghetto The Land made popular by LeBron James’ run as the star of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the legendary hip-hop group of Bone Thugs N Harmony, but…

Top Cleveland Rappers

Top Cleveland Rappers: List of the Best 25 Rappers from Cleveland Cleveland rappers have for long been recognize on the outside as being the hometown of the legendary group of Cleveland Hip Hop artist of…

There are Black People in West Virginia

West Virginia Black Population Story The biggest misconception about the state of West Virginia is that African Americans do not live in the state of West Virginia, as this least talked about community has black…

Top Columbus, OH Rappers

Top Columbus Rappers: List of the Best Rappers from Columbus Ohio The capital city of Ohio never really had a huge music scene as Columbus rappers rarely made it to any type of national level…

Map of Cincinnati, OH Hoods

Map of Cincinnati Hoods The city of Cincinnati, known as the “Nasty Nati” or Cin City has some of the realest hoods in the state of Ohio, while at the bottom of the Midwest state….

Glass City (Toledo, OH)

TheRealStreetz of Toledo, Ohio A short video of the Glass City, a small Ohio city in the Northwest part of the state, that is two hours away from Detroit and Cleveland. This video, featuring up…

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