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History of Southern Rap: Texas

History of Southern Rap: Texas Rappers While break dancing, graffiti and most importantly the music genre hip hop was all created on the east coast, New York City specifically, southern rap has held the reign…


Top Texarkana Rappers

Top Texarkana rappers The most poppin’ city in East Texas, Texarkana music scene is one a rise with the likes of Sgt. B, Smoody and numerous of other East Texas rappers. Below is a list…


Top Houston Rappers

The Top Rappers from Houston: List of the Best Houston Rappers The legendary city of Houston has produced a number of artist that will go down in history as Houston hip hop pioneered and helped…


Top Dallas-FortWorth Rappers

Top Dallas Rappers – Fort Worth Rappers In probably the largest state in the country and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, the Dallas and Fort Worth rap scenes are becoming the…

City StoriesTexas

San Antonio, TX

The Short San Antonio Ghetto Story The story of the San Antonio ghetto starts with the history of East Side San Antonio and goes into the growth of the San Antonio Hispanic population and the…

City StoriesTexas

Fort Worth, TX

The Fort Worth Ghetto: From SouthSide Fort Worth to Stop Six Fort Worth Located in the Metroplex region of Texas, often overshadowed by the bigger city of Dallas, the streets of the Fort Worth ghetto,…

City StoriesTexas

Dallas, TX

The Story of South Dallas, Oak Cliff, and more. Dallas Black History After the Civil War, many blacks, who had just became freed from slavery, left the rural and country areas of Texas, Louisiana, and…


Map of Dallas Fort Worth Hoods

Map of Dallas – Fort Worth Texas Hoods Located in North Texas and the state’s largest metropolitan, often called the “Metroplex” is the DFW, Dallas – Fort Worth has a number of hoods from the…