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City StoriesOhio

Columbus Ohio

True Story on the Columbus Ohio Ghetto In the era of the 1980s and 1990s, the streets of the Columbus Ohio ghetto had some of the most legendary neighborhoods in the Midwest, like Short North,…

City StoriesOhio

Youngstown, OH

The Youngstown Ghetto Story The Youngstown ghetto is in a small town that has similarities to an East St. Louis, Gary, Indiana, or Flint, Michigan while being between the two cities of Pittsburgh and Cleveland….

City StoriesOhio

Akron, OH

The Move to West Akron: The Akron Ghetto Story Akron, Ohio is a small city that is 30 minutes south of Cleveland and has became famously known for being the hometown and birthplace of basketball…


Map of Columbus, OH Hoods

Map of Columbus Ohio Gangs and Hoods Two maps that breakdown all of the Columbus Ohio hoods and shows some of the old and current Columbus Ohio gangs affiliations in the capital city of Ohio with…


Map of Cleveland, OH Hoods

Map of Cleveland Hoods The Cleveland hoods, divided into Down Tha Way, West Side, Up Tha Way, Out Tha Way, can be seen from the West Side to the Heights on the map with some areas of the…


Map of Toledo, OH Hoods

Toledo Hoods Map Map shows the true streets of the Toledo hoods, with the different areas of the Glass City with the affiliations and Toledo gangs on all sides of town. Advertisement The Toledo Gang Map…