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Top Upstate New York Rappers

Top Upstate NY Rap (Top Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, & Buffalo Rappers) In the shadows of the New York City rap scene is hip hop of Upstate New York which includes Rochester, Buffalo, Albany and Syracuse…

New YorkVideo

West New York (Buffalo 2 Rochester)

West New York (Buffalo 2 Rochester) and a T.C. Production presents a two part documentary on the streets of western New York in the cities of Buffalo and Rochester, that shows the good, bad,…

City StoriesNew York

Brooklyn, NY

The Real Brooklyn Neighborhoods: Inside the Brooklyn Ghetto New York City’s largest borough, the community of Brooklyn has legendary neighborhoods like Bed-Stuy, Brownsville, Bushwick, Coney Island, and numerous others. The Real History of Brooklyn Neighborhoods…

City StoriesNew York

Queens, NY

The Short Queens New York Ghetto Story Queens is unlike any other part New York City as Queens New York neighborhoods are built more like a suburb compared to Brooklyn or the Bronx. Despite communities…

City StoriesNew York

Bronx, NY

The Bronx Ghetto A Break Down of Bronx Neighborhoods The story within the Bronx neighborhoods tells the story of the Bronx black history and the start of the Bronx Latino population within the Dominican and…

MapsNew York

Map: New York City

NYC Hoods Map  More of an New York City hoods map, than a New York City gang map, that shows the black and Latino hoods and communities, affiliations, and much more of New York City’s five…