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Top Connecticut Rappers

Top Connecticut Rappers: List of Best Rappers from Connecticut While being part of the Tri-State area of New York City and part of the New England region with Boston, rappers from Connecticut have never truly…

EntertainmentNew England

Top Rhode Island Rappers

Top Rhode Island Rappers: List of Best Rhode Island Rappers One of the smallest states in the country and based out of New England, the state of Rhode Island has a nice music scene with…

EntertainmentNew England

Top Boston Rappers

Boston Rappers: List of Best Rappers from Boston A New England community that has not receive any recognition for its music scene, other than Boston rappers like Benzino and Guru, but rappers from Boston have…

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New Haven, CT

New Haven, Connecticut A population of around 130,000 people, New Haven is the state of Connecticut’s with the population evenly split between whites, African-Americans, and Latinos. The main areas of the New Haven ghetto and…

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Homicide Hartford (Hartford, CT)

TheRealStreetz of Hartford, CT A documentary video on the streets and community of the capital city of Connecticut, Hartford aka HomicideHartford featuring Huntzone Ent.’s Bandz Danero, Hollywood Ferg, BigFace Head, Sal Pachino and more. #FreeMaxB…

City StoriesNew England

Boston, MA

The Short Boston Ghetto Story Known as the “Bloody Bean”, Boston is currently one of the most gentrified cities in the country with many of the city’s urban neighborhoods in the Boston ghetto slowly changing. Before…

New EnglandVideo

the Bloody Bean (Boston, MA)

TheRealStreetz of Boston A short documentary on the streets, community, culture and music scene of Boston, Massachusetts. Check out Boston rappers, the Boston hoods and projects of Roxbury and other areas, gentrification, and much more….

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Map of Hartford, CT Hoods

Map of Hartford Gangs and Hoods Hartford Connecticut, a racially mix city with different hoods and gangs in Hartford, County of Connecticut, with cities like Hartford, New Britain, Bloomfield, and Meriden. Advertisement NorthSide / North End: Blue…

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Map of Boston, MA Hoods

Map of Boston Hoods This map shows some of the different black and Hispanic Boston hoods in a city were Boston gangs are mostly just a hood affiliation. Most of the black and Latino population is…