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History of Southern Rap: Louisiana

History of Southern Rappers: Rappers from Louisiana (Louisiana Rappers, New Orleans Bounce Music, Baton Rouge, more) While break dancing, graffiti and most importantly the music genre hip hop was all created on the east coast,…


Top Baton Rouge Rappers

Top Baton Rouge Rappers: 2018 Best Artist of Baton Rouge Music Scene Baton Rouge rappers of today’s the Baton Rogue music scene has much talent in a city that has often been over looked by…


Top Shreveport, LA Rappers

Top Shreveport Rappers: List of the Best Rappers from Shreveport Shreveport, aka Ratchet City, has had its Shreveport rappers to be overlooked by New Orleans and later by the city of Baton Rouge, as far…

City StoriesLouisiana

Shreveport, LA

History of the Shreveport Ghetto With a population of around 200,000 people, the majority of Shreveport’s residents live in the city’s black communities of the Shreveport ghetto and urban neighborhoods, in one of Louisiana’s largest…


Ratchet City (Shreveport, LA)

TheRealStreetz of Shreveport, LA A short video about the streets and community of Shreveport and the Cooper Road section of the city featuring Rayski BabyMake sure to check out more of Rayski Baby at…

City StoriesLouisiana

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans Ghetto Story The “Big Easy” or the “Crescent City”, the New Orleans ghetto and urban community cannot be compared to any city in the country, with the city being largely known for the creole…


Map of Shreveport, LA Hoods

Map of Shreveport Gangs and Hoods (Mobile Devices, For Better Performance “View Larger Map”) Advertisement Map that shows some of the areas of the old Shreveport gangs affiliations, but mostly just the Shreveport hoods of the…


Map of Baton Rouge, LA Hoods

Map of Baton Rouge Hoods Map of the Baton Rouge ghetto and the Baton Rouge hoods in the state of Louisiana that has been mostly known for the major city of New Orleans and its…


Map of New Orleans, LA Hoods

New Orleans Hoods Map A hood map that shows the real streets of the New Orleans hoods and communities of the New Orleans ghetto in Uptown, Downtown, NO East, and the West Bank. Advertisement New Orleans…