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Top Chicago Rappers

Top Chicago Rappers List Before the success of Chief Keef, surprisingly the Chicago hip hop scene was not as popular as other major cities. The only mainstays of Chicago rappers were the likes of Kanye…

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Cairo, IL

The Forgotten Ghetto of Cairo, Illinois Cairo, Illinois is a small rural community located in the southern tip of Illinois with over 2,000 people living in a forgotten city. The story of this predominantly African-American…

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Chicago North Side

A Look Inside North Side Chicago Gangs and Neighborhoods… North Side Chicago is unknown to outsiders when it comes to the real community of the streets of the North Side Chicago neighborhoods. The North Side Chicago…

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East St Louis

The Short East St Louis Ghetto Story  Currently, this once famous city within the limits of St. Clair County has become known nationwide as a trouble community as the East St Louis ghetto has created a…

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Chicago West Side

The West Side of Chicago The story of the West Side Chicago gangs has to begin with the history of the West Side Chicago neighborhoods. When African-Americans from southern states began to move into the…

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Chicago South Side

Short Story of… The Chicago South Side Ghetto The story of the South Side Chicago neighborhoods started as people from the historic black community of Bronzeville, also known as the Low Ends, began to relocate…


Map of Chicago, IL Hoods

Chicago Gang Map Chicago has recently become known as Chiraq and has been constantly in the news for the amount of violence, below is an example of the streets with a Chicago gang map and hood…