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Indianapolis, IN

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Map of Indianapolis Hoods

Map that shows all of the Indianapolis hoods of the biggest city in the state of Indiana, also known as Naptown, while some of these areas might have Indianapolis gangs, this map strictly just shows all of the Naptown hoods from the West Side to the East Side to the North Side to the South Side.

With a new generation coming around, some hoods are not the same, are new, or known as something different than they once were.  The Indianapolis gangs do not play a big of role in the streets as the old days with the Chicago affiliations of Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords.

Hood Map Key:  Blue = West Side.  Red = East Side.  Gold = South Side.  Green = North Side

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The above map shows the Naptown Indianapolis hoods of the East Side and the West Side, with small sections on the South Side and areas of the North Side that are also on the map, with some of these areas being once affiliated to Indianapolis gangs like Gangster Disciples or Vice Lords.

Naptown’s East Side

The East Side Indianapolis ghetto has areas like Crosstown, Brightwood, the Baltimore Projects, the Meadows, 19th & Roosevelt (Wild Life), 10th Street’s Dime Life, 24th Street’s Mad Dog / Dodge City, Brookside, 16th Street’s Crew Side, 34th Street’s Gangstaville Indianapolis, 34th Street’s Trife Life, A House and Terror Dome of Arlington, Post Road and more.


indianapolis gangs indianapolis ghetto indianapolis hoods


indianapolis gangs indianapolis ghetto indianapolis hoods


Baltimore Projects, officially Blackburn Terrace.

Beechwood, once known as the Terror Dome.
indianapolis ghetto indianapolis hoods
DimeLife, an area around 10th Street
indianapolis gangs indianapolis ghetto indianapolis hoods
Post Road, a large area of apartment complexes.
17th and Central, an area that formerly consisted of ‘hoods like Crew Life of 16th, MadDog around 24th, and others.  Today the neighborhood is completely gentrified.



Naptown’s South Side

The South Side is not as well known, but had its days of small housing complexes like Zooneyville (Officially known as Clearstream Gardens), Brick City (now rebuilt into the Red Maple apartments), and more.

indianapolis ghetto indianapolis hoods

Woodworks, the Laurelwood housing complex of the South Side.

Naptown’s West Side

On the West Side, some of the first areas were an extension of Indiana Avenue, the beginning of the Indianapolis’ black community and was one of Indiana’s most thriving and prosperous communities, which was like many communities around today’s Dr. Martin Luther King or in the Crown Hill section. 

By the 1980s and 1990s, black flight began to occur out of the inner city West Side neighborhoods with residents relocating west of Lafayette Road from 30th to 46th.

Today, the hoods of the West Side Indianapolis ghetto section includes the likes of Haughville, the Land Life, 3rd War, Hard Part and 2G of Harding Street, Flackville of 30th Street, Murderville, the Crown Hill Section of Kenwood and 4th Ward / BLVD, Moller Road and more.


indianapolis gangs

Far West Indianapolis consists of a number of ‘hoods and Indianapolis gangs.
indianapolis ghetto indianapolis hoods
The heart of the West Side, Haughville.

indianapolis ghetto indianapolis hoods

Along Martin Luther King there is 3rd War, LandLife and above, the apartments of the City of Crazy’s (COC) of the Indianapolis ghetto.
indianapolis gangs
Harding Street, divided between two sections of 2G and the Hard Part.
indianapolis gangs
4th Ward, along 38th Street is a couple of neighborhoods around Crown Hill, like Kenwood and 40th and Boulevard.

*Not an Indianapolis GANGS MAP. If anything is missing on the map or you would like to contribute email: [email protected]

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