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Dallas – Fort Worth, TX

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Map of Dallas – Fort Worth Texas Hoods

Located in North Texas and the state’s largest metropolitan, often called the “Metroplex” is the DFW, Dallas – Fort Worth.  An metropolitan that has a number of hoods that the below map depicts with the past and present days of Dallas gangs and Fort Worth gangs, which started back in the 80s and 90s.

Dallas Hoods:

The most known area of Dallas is Oak Cliff with a few hoods like HHP (Highland Hills), WoodTown, Glen Oaks, PTP around Polk and Camp Wisdom/Red Bird, Kiest N Polk, Signing Hills, BFL (Best For Less) / 4Side around Sunnyvale and Fordham to Ann Arbor, 22 Beckley and other sections of South Oak Cliff.  *Oak Cliff is more of a side of town than just a specific neighborhood, with blacks mostly living in East and South Oak Cliff.

West Dallas was the home to half of Dallas’ public housing projects, like Rupert Circle and the Fishtrap Projects, a mix community with blacks and Mexicans. At one time it was one of the roughest areas with the majority of the city’s projects in the area, like George Loving Place, Edgar Ward Place, and Elmer Scott Place, three projects originally for white, black, and Mexican families.

South Dallas is one of the more active parts of Dallas with 357 Dixon Circle Crips or 187 Park Row Crips and Dallas Bloods of 007 Bon Ton, 232 Turner Courts, 44 Oakland, 415 EDP (East Dallas Projects).

In North Dallas there was the Webb Chapel Crips, Spring Valley Crips or the Hamilton Park, Maham bloods, along with other areas from Ferguson 64 Crips to the entire Pleasant Grove community.

Dallas gangs were much bigger and more active during the early 1990s, similar to other cities, with a large influx of Blood and Crip adopting ‘hoods throughout the city.

Fort Worth Hoods

The Fort Worth hoods often gets overlooked by the city of Dallas, but Fort Worth, which is not as big, is not that much different with many sections from Stop Six to the South Side, all putting on for Funky Town.

Como, after Terrell Heights on the south side, became one of the first black neighborhoods. The South Side, the heart of Fort Worth hoods with areas of Agg Land and Hoova Land, or the old and historic community of Terrell Heights. Other known areas are the legendary Stop Six, Polywood, Eastwood, Meadowbrook, and many more that are located on the map.

The Fort Worth gangs of the early 1990s, was mainly the Stop Six Bloods, with Truman Street and Norris Street, as well as EWP, EastWood Pirus, while the Crips, who were mostly Hoovers, were in areas like the South Side and parts of the East Side.

*Map only shows some of the old Dallas Gangs and Fort Worth Gangs areas. *If anything is missing on the map or you would like to contribute email: [email protected]

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