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North New Jersey (Newark, Jersey City, etc.)

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North New Jersey Hood Map

A map that breaks down the northern New Jersey hood and highlights some of North New Jersey gangs areas, but mainly just the true streets and neighborhoods of Newark, Jersey City, East Orange, the City of Orange, Irvington, Elizabeth, and some of the blocks of Paterson.

Newark hoods of North New Jersey consists of five separate sections, South Ward, Central Ward, East Ward, North Ward and West Ward.  South Ward is mainly Weequahic and Rizin City, as well the housing projects of Seth Boyden and Dayton Street.  East Ward, a diverse area, is mainly just the projects of Pennington Court, Riverview Court, and Hyatt Court. West Ward is made up of Hoodaville, ill Hill (aka Ivy Hill), and the Bradley Courts.  Most of the hoods in the North Ward are along Broadway, from Grafton to 7th Ave.

The heart of Newark, and some can say the heart of northern New Jersey gangs areas, is the Central Ward, which helped give the city its nickname of Brick City with the once large presence of brick made public housing projects.  Projects like Baxter Terrace (aka Slash T), the Hayes Homes, Prince Street’s Stella Wright, High Street’s Brick Towers, or the Scudder Homes (aka Crazyville).

Areas surrounding Newark consists of the likes Eastwick (aka Elizabeth, NJ) home to the Port, Jefferson Park, Broad Street and more. Ghost Town (aka Irvington, NJ) home to Grove Street, Myrtle Avenue, and the housing project of Crescent Lane.  Not to forget the city of Orange and the former 325 Mechanics and 108 Projects housing complexes or East Orange’s Down the Hill (DTH), Dodd Town, and the South Side, which consists of Sheed Side, Killa Wood, West Wood and other sections.

In Jersey City, there is many blocks but Bidwell or Van Nostrand (VSOP), but most know the area for Currie Woods, Lafayette Gardens, Bullet Town ( the Booker T Washington projects), Gun Shot Towers (the Montgomery Gardens projects), and D Block (Gloria Robinson Court projects). Further north in the city of Paterson has become well known with the help of areas like Up the Hill or Down the Hill, but none like the north New Jersey hood of the Alabama projects (aka the Dog Pound).

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