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Detroit Hood Map

Map of Detroit Gangs Areas & Hoods

In a city where if you can make it there then you can make it anywhere.  The streets within the Detroit hood have created and produced a number of entrepreneurs, businessmen, and hustlers, all who hold the true definitions of coming from nothing or making something out of nothing, and not just the stereotype of Detroit gangs and drug dealers.

A city that is mostly divided between the East Side and West Side, while there are other sections like the Southwest or Highland Park and the North End, the East and West sides hold the majority of the population, which means the two sides hold the majority of the streets.

Before the 1970s, the Italian Mob, also known as the Detroit Partnership, had the most control in Detroit from the beginning of the Prohibition to the height of the heroin trade.  Between the 1970s and the 2000s, a new era of Detroit came into effect, in which the streets of the Detroit ghetto created a number of hustlers in the form of Young Boys Incorporate, Black Mafia Family, Pony Down, Cash Flow Posse, Dog Pound, and many more.


The above Detroit hood map ranges from the West Side to the East Side of the city as this map mostly highlights Detroit gangs areas and not specific gangs but breaks down all of the city’s hood from Exit 9 (Joy Road) to Chedda Ave. (Chalmers Avenue).

The West Side Detroit hoods mostly consist of West Warren, Joy Road aka Exit 9, Plymouth Road aka P-Rock, Schoolcraft, Brightmo, Fenkell aka 4-1 or 5 Mile, 6 Mile, Puritan Avenue aka P.A., and 7 Mile, as well sections near downtown like the Number Streets, Zone 8, Dexter and Linwood and the Southwest.

On the city’s East Side, which is smaller, but still consists of East Warren, Mack Ave, Chedda Ave. aka Chalmers, MurdaRang aka Morang, the Red Zone along 7 Mile, Van Dyke, the Gardens aka Conant Gardens and few other sections.

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