Map of Detroit Hoods

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Detroit Hood Map

Map of Detroit Gangs Areas & Hoods

Detroit hood map ranges from the West Side to the East Side of the city as this map mostly highlights Detroit gangs areas and not specific gangs but breaks down all of the city’s hood from Exit 9 (Joy Road) to Chedda Ave. (Chalmers Avenue).

The West Side Detroit hoods mostly consist of West Warren, Joy Road aka Exit 9, Plymouth Road aka P-Rock, Schoolcraft, Brightmo, Fenkell aka 4-1 or 5 Mile, 6 Mile, Puritan Avenue aka P.A., and 7 Mile, as well sections near downtown like the Number Streets, Zone 8, Dexter and Linwood and the Southwest.

On the city’s East Side, which is smaller, but still consists of East Warren, Mack Ave, Chedda Ave. aka Chalmers, MurdaRang aka Morang, the Red Zone along 7 Mile, Van Dyke, the Gardens aka Conant Gardens and few other sections.

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