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Top 50 ‘Hoods in Florida

florida ghetto most dangerous cities in florida

Top 50 ‘Hoods in Florida

Not the Most Dangerous Cities in Florida, Not the Top 10 Most Ghetto Cities in Florida, but the Top Respected and Popular ‘Hoods of Florida.

1 Pork N Beans, one of Florida’s first housing complexes located in Liberty City, Miami and officially known as Liberty Square, while being the heart of the Miami and Dade County streets and has become a stable for street activity from legendary crews to constantly being on First 48.

2 Overtown, maybe Florida’s most iconic area is the historic neighborhood of Miami Dade County that has been well known and well respected for years, from the Kingpin’s that ran the area to ‘hoods like Swamp City.

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3 Moncrief, a large street that runs through the majority of Jacksonville’s North Side is the heart of city with a number of reputable ‘hoods like Palm Terrace, Hilltop, Washington Heights and others.

4 Opa Locka, a large community in Northwest Miami Dade County, but the heart of the neighborhood is around a section known as the Triangle or 21 Jumpstreet, as well former complexes that once went by the Pinks and the Blues.

5 Downtown, in a city known as Slump City or West Nam, West Palm Beach’s Downtown section along Tamarind Avenue is one of Florida’s most underrated communities as the section has built a fierce reputation over the years.

6 Parramore/CrossTown, the most historic neighborhood in Orlando has changed much since urban renewal destroyed sections of the community and black flight left the area without a proper tax base. For past few decades this area has been Orlando’s most notorious neighborhood home to small apartment buildings and complexes and single-family homes.

7 Myrtle Ave, officially known as Durkeeville, is an historic neighborhood on the North Side of Jacksonville, and the home of Lil Duval, that is very legendary in the state of Florida and known for much history within the urban communities of the city.

8 Little Haiti, with the turmoil in the native country Haiti many fled the country during the 1970s and 1980s for Miami and settle in the Lemon City neighborhood that would later become Little Haiti.

9 Carol City, officially known as Miami Gardens is one of the largest areas in Miami with the once infamous Matchbox Projects and home to areas like Scott Lake and the Baha’s.

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10 East Side of Jacksonville, a small section of Duval County is well known for the wrong reasons from Florida Ave to Phoenix Ave to 21st.

11 40s, while Pork N Beans and 15th Avenue gets the most attention in the famous and widely known Liberty City community, just south of 54th is one of Miami Dade’s largest ‘hoods, the 40s.

12 West Tampa, the once historic community changed over the years, especially with the Boulevard Homes around Main Street, but now gentrification is once again changing the area by relocating much of the community.

13 College Hills / Ponce De Leon Projects, both two separate rebuilt housing complexes in East Tampa were very active during the 1980s and 1990s, allegedly producing thousands of dollars daily during Tampa’s drug era, while later being known for Trap City 24th, GoYams, Gitt Mode and more.

14 Ivey Lane, in the heart of West Orlando is a community that was a middle class neighborhood in the 1960s and became one of the roughest places in Orlando, especially during the 80s and 90s with the old Malibu Boys.

15 Muck City, more than just a neighborhood is a small metropolitan area in South Florida’s Palm Beach County isolated from the rest of South Florida near Lake Okeechobee. Made up of Harlem, South Bay, Pahokee and the largest Belle Glade, a low income area of apartment buildings and complexes and has a very negative reputation, but also a very positive one with some of the world’s greatest athletes hailing from the area.

16 Childs Park, became one of the most active areas in St Petersburg during the 1990s, while also being the largest urban community of the city and known for areas like Deuce 3rd, Shady Side, Tre 4.

17 Mercy Drive, Orlando. Starting around the 1970s apartments like the Palms complex were built. In the 80s Mercy Drive became one of the most notorious areas in all of Florida, especially since the area is strictly low income apartment complexes.

18 Liberty Park/CB County, Pompano, the largest urban areas of Pompano Beach with small apartment buildings and residential homes while being divided among small sub ‘hoods.

19 Cherry Hill, while in Boynton Beach there is multiple sections I believe it is without a debate on the amount clout that the small Cherry Hill neighborhood has in Palm Beach County and South Florida.

20 Florida City, located in Dade County near Homestead, Florida is a large community that is literally at the bottom of the map.

21 East Side, deep in Fort Myers along Martin Luther King Boulevard is the heart of the city’s urban community with areas like the Southward Projects or Dunbar.

22 Frenchtown, the biggest and most known urban neighborhood of Tallahassee as this was one of North Florida’s first black communities which would later become known for other reasons with the help of Basin Street, Joe Louis and Griffin Heights apartments and other sections of this small community.

23 Out East, 8th Ave Duval, one of North Florida’s most active areas is directly in the heart of Gainesville Florida. In a city where the college controls much of everything the East Side is still well known within the community.

24 Black Grove, in Miami’s most luxurious community of Coconut Grove is a neighborhood along Grand Avenue known as West Grove or Black Grove for obvious reasons.

25 Golden Acres, Pompano. The home of Kodak Black and nicknamed the Nolia is one of Broward County’s largest public housing complexes in the region.

26 Pine Hills, Orlando. A large area right outside of the West Side of Orlando changed during the 1980s with the arrival of West Indians.

27 Sistrunk, Fort Lauderdale. The most historic area of Broward County and the center for the streets of Fort Lauderdale.

28 Jordan Park in the heart of the legendary historic community of 22nd aka the Deuces. Jordan Park Projects became one of the roughest areas back in the 80s and 90s.

29 Liberia, The ‘hood part of Hollywood, Florida as Liberia, segregated from the rest of Hollywood, has one of the oldest all-black districts in Broward County, since the early 1900s.

30 Monroe Heights, a small neighborhood in the urban city of Riviera Beach, or known locally as the Raw, is an extension of the streets of West Palm Beach.

31 Warrington, neighboring Pensacola is the large community of Warrington in which has created a reputation in the streets of the Panhandle and North Florida in an area with rural communities and housing complexes.

32 V Side/Vietnam Projects, Ft Pierce. Off of N. 29th Street in Fort Pierce is the largest ‘hood in the city of Fort Pierce, a city that borders both Central and South Florida.

33 South Apopka, Orlando. Officially its own city outside of Orlando, this area was infamous especially during the days of the Baby Country Boys.

34 New Town, a historic district of Sarasota is one of Tampa Bay’s largest urban communities with sections like Old Projects, DLB Leon, Osprey and others.

35 Carver Ranches. An unincorporated area of Broward County that has been around for generations and has its share of days of ups and downs.

36 Chocolate City, Brevard County. The West Side of Cocoa, FL is the most infamous area of Brevard with ‘hoods like Fern Street, Sara Lou and more.

37 C-Land, Deerfield Beach, in a small Broward County with hoods like 20Hole, 3rd World, Doom City and Alwoodz, while also being the home to Ace Hood the neighborhood of C-Land around 54th Street and 9th Avenue is one of the more reputable areas of Deerfield.

38 West Ocala. With neighborhoods like Jones Side, Carver Park, 9th Ave, Swamp Side and others, the West Ocala has to be considered on this list even though city is very small and isolated from other regions.

39 Modella / Dania Beach, an urban section in northern Hollywood, Florida that has been around for generations.

40 Sugar Hill, a small housing complex in Gainesville that is well known in the city and parts of North Florida, also known as 1900 and the Bricks.

41 Pensacola Village, a large housing complex in Pensacola amongst the communities of Florida’s panhandle has for years been plagued with troubles.

42 Goldsboro Boulevard, Sanford. The oldest urban community of Sanford Florida and the heart of the city’s West Side and the once home to projects of Castle Brewer and William Clark, with the former 5th Street Projects (Lake Monroe Terrace) nearby.

43 Deleon, is the main thoroughfare for Brevard County’s Titusville urban neighborhood.

44 Fairway, Miramar. It can be debated which Miramar ‘hood to include whether SWAB, Sunshine, or Newport since all are located nearby, but Fairway is one of Miramar areas with the most reputation.

45 South Side, Daytona Beach. The largest urban area of Daytona Beach as this area just a couple miles from the Daytona Motor Speedway is home to small public housing complexes and blocks around MLK Boulevard.

46 Glenwood, while the small city of Panama City is rarely known there are urban areas east of the city’s downtown area with the likes of Lynn Haven along E. 14th, Springfield around E. 3rd Street, parts of Calloway or Millville, but Glenwood is the most historic area.

47 North Side, in a small city of northern Florida called Palatka there is urban area in the city’s North side area.

49 Hollywood/Georgetown, Sanford. An old historic community of Sanford’s East Side and once home to the Redding Gardens.

50 South Side, in southern Brevard County is the city of Melbourne and in the city of Melbourne is the South Side that is home to areas like Cold Side and Booker Heights.

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