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Top 25 Ohio Hoods

Top Ohio Hoods

In the heart of the Midwest is the state of Ohio that has numerous of urban communities throughout the state, from the large cities along the Interstate 71 corridor, mainly Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland, to the smaller towns in northern part of the state.

Outwaite/DTW (Cleveland), the largest housing complex in Cleveland, and the first one to be constructed in the city, is located in Cleveland most infamous area (Down Tha Way) and the housing project has separate sections like Case Court and the Compound. Other ‘hoods of DTW (Down Tha Way are 30th, Unwin, Longwood and Bundy Drive.

East Cleveland, one of the country’s most corrupted and most impoverished city with hoods along Euclid like Brightwood and Knowles, hoods around Shaw and Hayden and along Superior from Hellz Kitchen to Superior Hill.

Downtown (Cincinnati), from Linn Street to the Over the Rhine neighborhood is an inner city community that is historic and notorious for its street activity with communities like Lincoln Courts, Tot Lot, Vine City, BackStreets, Washington Park, Park Town and more.

Avondale (Cincinnati), probably one of Cincinnati’s largest neighborhoods with the area being located from Reading Road to Vine Street is infamous for apartment buildings and complexes and one of the Ohio’s most active communities.

South Side (Columbus), center around Livingston and Whittier is the city’s South Side with hoods like 22nd Street, which was once Ohio’s largest Blood neighborhood, Fairwood N Livingston, Ill Wil (Wilson Street) and others.

Glenville (Cleveland), from St. Clair to 105th is a famously known Cleveland neighborhood, while being the former home of Bone Thugs, a ‘hood called the Wasteland and blocks like 93rd.

Mt. Vernon (Columbus), the heart of the East Side is Mt Vernon Avenue in an area of Mt Vernon Plaza apartments or Atcheson Street.

Kinsman Road (Cleveland), once known for the Kinsman County Crips is a large street expanding from Kinsman and 93rd (K-9) to the Kinsman 20s, 30s, and 40s (140th).

Linden (Columbus), divided into South Linden, North Linden and East Linden the heart of the area is along Cleveland Avenue, Joyce Avenue and Hudson Street as most of the city’s North Side is located in the Linden area.


Garden Valley (Cleveland), an section of the city known as In Tha Way was the old Garden Valley complex around Kinsman and 79th and home to the old Valley Brick Outlaws.

Hough (Cleveland), a large historic community that is broken down into separate areas of 59th Street, Hough Harlem, Wade Park and Hough Heights. Hough was once a historic black community but over years the reputation has change from being one of the first places in Cleveland to have Vice Lords to being infamous for PCP in the 90s and 2000s as a small section was known as Water World.

South Side (Youngstown), while most of the community is filled with dilapidated and vacant properties leaving some blocks empty the South Side of the Yo’ is still one of Ohio’s most known areas.

Short North (Columbus), an area of the city that has been completely gentrified was once notoriously known for the Short North Posse after years of federal agents and local agencies constantly trying incarcerate the entire neighborhood.

Westwood (Cincinnati), from the Fay, even though not officially part of Westwood, to along McHenry is the heart of the West Side.

Collinwood (Cleveland), around St. Clair and 152nd is a community in Cleveland’s Out Tha Way section of the East Side with areas like Coit Road, Nell Road, and Cliffview.

Poindexter (Columbus), the city’s first housing complex became notorious on the city’s East Side until it became demolished during the 2010s.

East Side (Youngstown), the majority of the city’s housing projects are located on the East Side like Victory Estates or the complexes around McGuffey Road.

Windsor Terrace (Columbus), known locally as Dub T until its rebuilding into the Rosewinds apartments, but this area was the first gang area of Columbus Ohio, especially on the North Side.

CherryWoodz (Toledo), a small housing complex known as Greenbelt as well surrounding blocks like Huron Street has given this North Side area the largest reputation in the city.

116th (Cleveland), a large community between Union and Miles with a number of blocks like Benham or Lenacrave and have created a notorious reputation while making their notoriety through the media outlets.

Belmont Avenue/ONYX Neighborhood (Toledo), not just the Belmont Avenue block but the entire area around Hawley and Nebraska. An area once known for the city’s first housing project of Brand Whitlock Homes has become home to Tecumseh Street, Buckingham Street and of course Belmont Avenue.

Detroit Avenue (Toledo), from Fernwood to Delaware Ave. to X Blocc is a very reputable area of Toledo.

Dayton View (Dayton), divided into two sections is one of the largest areas of the city of Dayton while being located on the West Side.

West Akron, home to Lebron is the most respected section of the city with Copley Road serving as the main area, known as the Hilltop, as the around Thornton or West Miller, known as the Valley.

Honorable Mention

HVD (Cleveland), Harvard is home to the Deli, J Park and Uptown in an area of Cleveland known as Up Tha Way.

Brick City (Cincinnati), an area of housing complexes in Cincinnati by the name of Winton Terrace and Findlater Gardens located on the city’s North Side.

Westwood (Dayton), around Brooklyn Avenue and Hoover Avenue is one of Dayton’s most neighborhoods.

Beekman Street (Cincinnati), on the West Side was an historic black community of Cumminsville until the area changed and became known for housing complexes of Millvale and Moosewood, as well the once nearby complex of English Woods.

West Lorain, along West 21st Street is the heart of Lorain, Ohio’s urban community with housing projects and single family homes.
Sherrick Road (Canton, OH), the South Side of Canton is home to nothing but public housing complexes.


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