West Coast’s Most Underrated Talks the Real Vegas

Wolf Dotson Talks Music Career and Life in Las Vegas

Just north of the Las Vegas Boulevard is the hidden community of North Las Vegas, a small section of the city that reputation proceeds itself as anyone from any neighborhood of the North Side will have character built in them.

Listening to Wolf Dotson this can easily be noticed as this rising West Coast artist is very diverse with a sound that can guarantee success and a good team behind him that is very dedicated for the success within the music industry to be achieved.

As we do the interview, Wolf breaks down the real and true communities of Las Vegas, while also combining the story of North Las Vegas with himself as an artist, in which showcases his development as an artist.


TheRealStreetz: Do you feel like Vegas is more than just casinos and is that all outsiders think about when they hear Las Vegas?

Wolf Dotson: [People ask] where y’all living at out there, y’all living in casinos? Nah, we got houses out here, we got projects, we got all of that, the same sh** that your city got, we got, but you just have to step away from the [Las Vegas Boulevard] strip to see it or be with somebody who knows where they are and can show you the ropes.

TRS: The different sides of Las Vegas?

Wolf: Its how you consider it, because a lot of people do not like to consider Henderson or central [Las Vegas], but we got the North Side where I’m from, then you got the East Side, then you got the West Side which is like Carey [Avenue] and sh** like that.  You can tell where you are, especially if you from Vegas, then you can tell where they are from.  Like, everybody I know from the North [Las Vegas] dress like me, walk like me, and talk like me. 

TRS: Does the city focus more on the strip and the casinos than the the community?

Wolf: They don’t pay as much attention over here as they do with the strip, they got constant s*** that is being built and brand new when it is schools over here that need books, or buses out of work, no boys and girls club, stuff like that.  Its stuff that you should have or we should have as a city, but we don’t, but y’all got the Trump Tower, 35 million [projects and casinos], and stupid stuff like that.  Me personally I don’t feel like they looking into the city as much as they should, the crime rate going up because there is not anything to do, it’s like every other city, if you ain’t got nothing to do then what are you going to do, your going to find something to do.

TRS: The Music Scene of Las Vegas?

Wolf: It’s growing a lot more and I see the unity in the city and I love it and respect all sides, you got West Side n***** rapping with North Side n***** and 10 years ago that was a no.

TRS: So, there was like a beef between sides?

Wolf: It was like an unspoken beef, I feel like, because I be on the West [Las Vegas] too, but I feel like for the West it was more so you North [Las Vegas] n***** is suburbs, but it was more so we did not understand each other because we are not living in each others [backyard], but on the West they might have it a lot harder but it’s the same thing it just look different, are houses may look different but are pockets are the same as theirs.

TRS: But, the music scene has changed?

Wolf: Ten years ago, it was not like it is today.  When I first started it was like no helping hands, every man for themselves, like dog eat dog world pretty much, but that is because we did not have a spotlight, nobody really never put a spotlight on Vegas.  We took upon ourselves, the local artists ourselves, to start hosting these events, start bringing big artists out here and stuff like that.

TRS: How growing up in Vegas built you as an artist and person?

Wolf:  Growing up in Las Vegas was and different from what I was use to. I was born in Oakland, CA. Which made me hard in a sense. But moving to Vegas opened me up to culture. Art and music and just the love people showed made me become a kind hearted person in a way. And it shows when I talk to people! I feel like as far as artist and as a person vegas balanced me out!

TRS: When listening to you as an artist what will someone get out of your music?

Wolf: Depending on the song your listening to, you’ll get love, pain, knowledge, joy, laughs, tears, pretty much a mix of emotions. Because that’s what I aim for when making music! I aim to bring the listeners into my life and make them feel like they know me somewhat. Even in my club type music. If you listen to what I’m saying I’m speaking truth or dropping gems. You just have to listen. And that’s what I want people to do. LISTEN! Lol.

TRS: What are some of the influences in your music?

Wolf:  Myself or my life really. I make music based off me and what I go thru and deal with. Like with My family and friends and fans. They are a heavy influence as well. They give me drive to make music. I don’t really listen to other artist now days. Everything seems the same kind of. So, it’s like when I listen to the new music I can almost guess where the song is going. But artist like Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Kendrick, Drake, Big Sean, YG, Nipsey Hussle, and J.Cole are some great artist I listen to when I do listen to other artist. 

TRS: If someone is searching for your music what songs or projects should they check out?

Wolf: ALL OF IT! Lol. Like I said I make different styles of music so you never know what you might come across when searching thru my music. I say just search me and hit play and let the music talk to you! That’s what I do when I listen to me.

TRS: What should people expect in the future from you?

Wolf: more great music. I don’t know what god has planned for me but I know it’s something great and it will forsure involve more great music!


Watch the full video interview with Wolf Dotson on Youtube: TheRealStreetz of Las Vegas w/ Wolf Dotson

Follow on Instagram: @K1ngWolfDotson and Manager: @Jas4rmDaBay. All music available on all platforms, just search for “Wolf Dotson”.

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