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Columbus, OH

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Map of Columbus Ohio Gangs and Hoods

Two maps that breakdown all of the Columbus Ohio hoods and shows some of the old and current Columbus Ohio gangs affiliations, mainly Bloods and Crips, in the capital city of Ohio with hoods on the East Side, North Side, West Side and South Side.

Once again this map is mostly a Columbus Hoods map that shows some of the Columbus Gangs affiliations of today and of the past, while telling the story of certain areas.

The map above is Not Created by TheRealStreetz but shows a more true look of the specific gangs in Columbus Ohio and their location.  Also the map shows the West Side with the Hilltop and the South Park projects, along with the Bloods and Crips on the East Side, the North Side in the Linden area, and the South Side off of Livingston.

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