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Boston Rappers:

List of Best Rappers from Boston

A New England community that has not receive any recognition for its music scene, other than Boston rappers like Benzino and Guru, but rappers from Boston have some of the most talent than any other city in the country.

Representing their own style and maybe not the largest rap scene, Boston rappers should be respected as New England’s largest city and most popular attraction.

Below is a list of some of the top Boston rappers that are currently still making music by putting out a number of visuals, projects, and etc.


Cousin Stizz, follow on Instagram: @CousinStizz and watch more videos on Youtube: Cousin Stizz  

Smoke Bulga, follow on Instagram: @SmokeBulgaDG and watch more on Youtube: “Smoke Bulga”  

Bishop Bicardi, follow on Instagram: @BishupBicardi and watch more on YouTube: “Bishup Bicardi” 

BossCity HD, follow on Instagram: @BossCityHD and subscribe and watch more on Youtube: BossCityHD  

Mall G , watch more videos on Youtube: Mall G

Radar, watch more videos on Youtube: Cuttin Corners

Sour Collorone, watch more videos on YouTube: “Sour Collorone” and follow on Instagram: @SourCollorone 


Email tc.production@therealstreetz.com if any artist from Boston are missing

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