Map of New Orleans, LA Hoods

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New Orleans Hoods Map

A hood map that shows the real streets of the New Orleans hoods and communities of the New Orleans ghetto in Uptown, Downtown, NO East, and the West Bank.


New Orleans a city that never had a New Orleans gangs problem, with most people being affiliated to a certain New Orleans hoods than a gang like the Bloods or the Crips.

Some areas have changed since Hurricane Katrina, due to flooding and very little rebuilding not allowing people to move back into the original communities.

Another problem is the city trying to take back New Orleans, with gentrification and the redeveloping of older neighborhoods like the 13th Ward or most of the old projects being torn down and rebuilt with less than half of the original residents being able to move back.

With all of this going on many people are relocating into New Orleans East, Gentilly, and the West Bank of Jefferson Parrish.

This map of the New Orleans hoods and urban communities of the New Orleans ghetto that shows where the true streets of the city reside from the Orleans Parrish to the Jefferson Parrish.


*Some areas might be missing or wrong, make sure to leave a comment. NOT A NEW ORLEANS GANGS MAP!!!

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