Top Female Rappers

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Top Female Rappers

2019’s Best Female Hip Hop Artists List

In a male dominant industry there a number of female rappers that are just as talented as any other artist in the industry.

Top women rappers and pioneers from Salt N Pepa to Lil Kim or southern artist like Trina, Mia X, Gangsta Boo and La Chat have all proved that female hip hop artists are just as talented, if not more, as their male counterparts.

While currently female hip hop artists like Cardi B or Nicki Minaj are the main artist in the industry, together with Dej Loaf, Iggy Azalea, Remy Ma, or Azealia Banks to a lesser extent, there are number of women and girl rappers that have much clout in the game.

Below is a of lists that show some of the top female hip hop artists and women rappers that are either already well established or are on their way up to being next in the game.


Saweetie, one of the top West Coast female hip hop artists from Hayward, California. YouTube: Official Saweetie and IG: @Saweetie 

Kash Doll, one of the best women rappers in the rap game while being the top artist in the city of Detroit. YouTube: KD Bratz and IG: @KashDoll

Dreezy, one of Chicago’s biggest artist. YouTube: Dreezy VEVO and IG: @DreezyDreezy

Asian Doll, one of the first female rappers to recently signed to Gucci Mane’s label. YouTube: Asian Doll and IG: @AsianDaDoll

Miss Mulatto, YouTube: Mulatto and IG: @Mulatto

Molly Brazy, one of the fastest rising girl rappers in the game out of the city of Detroit. YouTube: Molly Brazy and IG: @MollyBrazy


Dream Doll,  one of New York City’s top rap artist. Youtube: Dream Doll and IG: @DreamDoll_

City Girls, signed to the Quality Control home to the Migos and are from the city of Miami.  IG: @CityGirls and Youtube: City Girls

Young Lyric, young girl rappers from the city of Houston.  IG: @TheReallyRicmichell  and YouTube: Young Lyric

LightSkinKeisha, Georgia’s rising star by coming from the city of Atlanta.  IG: @LightSkinKeisha and Youtube: LightSkinKeisha

Other Top Female Rappers

Omeretta.  IG: @Omeretta and YouTube: “Omeretta The Great”

Tokyo Jetz, part of T.I.’s Grand Hustle and from North Florida’s Duval County.  IG: @TokyoJetz / YouTube: “Tokyo Jetz”

Rico Nasty,  from the DMV area.  IG: @RicoNasty and YouTube: Rico Nasty

Bali Baby, from the city of Atlanta.  IG: @BaliOnABeat and YouTube: Bali Bay

Tokyo Vanity, from the city of New Orleans.  IG: @TokyoVanity and YouTube: “Tokyo Vanity”

Queen Key, from the city of Chicago.  IG: @KeyIsQueen and YouTube: “Queen Key”

Sasha Go Hard, from the city of Chicago.  IG: SashaGoHard and YouTube: “Sasha Go Hard”

Nya Lee, from New York City’s the Bronx.  IG: @OG_Nya.Lee and YouTube: “Nya Lee”

Stunna Girl, coming from the city of Sacramento.  IG: @StunnaGirl and YouTube: “Stunna Girl”

Chelly the MC, coming from the DMV area.  IG: @ChellyTheMC and YouTube: “Chelly The MC”

Megan Thee Stallion, coming from Houston Texas.  IG: @TheeStallion / YouTube: Megan The Stallion

Neisha Neshae, from the city of Detroit.  YouTube: Neisha Neshae and IG: @NeishaNeshae


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