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Baltimore, MD

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Map of Baltimore Hoods

Map of different sections and ‘hoods within the city of Baltimore, and not necessarily Baltimore gangs, which includes most parts of  the city like East Baltimore, Northeast, Park Heights, Cherry Hill, West Baltimore, and parts of Baltimore County.

This ‘Hoods Map will show the location of the old housing projects that were demolished in the late 1990s, like the Lafayette Projects and Flag House both of East Side and Murphy Homes and Lexington Terrace of West Side, as well many of the blocks and areas that were showed on the hit TV series The Wire.

Map of the West Baltimore hoods include SandTown, EA (Edmondson Avenue), Walbrook JCT, Whitelock City, Murda Mall (demolished was around Park and Lennox), McCulloh Homes, Poe Homes, Poplar Grove, Fayette Street, North and Pulaski, and Edmondson Village.  The other side of the West Side is the Baltimore hoods of Northwest in sections like Park Heights or Liberty Heights, or into Southwest Baltimore with hoods like Irv Town and Yale Heights.

The streets of East Baltimore are located in the Latrobe Homes, Perkins Homes, Deaky Land (Eager and Broadway), Patterson Park, Highland Town, Barclay, Odonnell Heights and other blocks.  Just north of East Balitmore is the Northeast section with Baltimore hoods of York Road,  Greenmount, Northwoods, Hillen Road, Belair Road or Ramblewood.

Other sections of the city are the South Side which has areas like Cherry Hill, Westport and Brooklyn, Turner Station and areas within Maryland’s Baltimore County.

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* Not a Baltimore gangs map and some areas might be wrong or missing

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