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Louisville, KY

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Map of Louisville Hoods

A map that breaks down the ‘hoods of Louisville’s West End and East End, along with the surrounding areas.  While some of the areas of the city may have local Louisville gangs, this map gives a insight into the streets and Louisville hoods within the city.

The West End of the city has the majority of the Louisville hoods, as well the most sections of Louisville gangs, expanding from Market Street to the old Southwick area before it became Park Duvalle.

On the West Side this Louisville hood map shows the CNG area (Cecil N Greenwood), 32nd (3-2 Zone), Victory Park, Cali Park, 4100, 3800 (YNO), and small blocks like Madison, St Louis or Hemlock.  Outside of the Southwick area, the West End’s ‘hoods that are in the city’s public housing projects are Park Hill (1Tray), Beecher Terrace and Village West, all can be seen on this Louisville hood map.

The East Side or East End has ‘hoods like the old Clarksdale and Shepard Square housing projects, the Smoketown hood and the Shelby Park area, home to the Jackson Woods complex.  Other hoods of the city are the former Iroquois Homes, aka the Dirty I, Newburg, Berrytown and other areas that are outside the West End and the East End.

While Louisville gangs have documented this is more than just a Louisville gang map as the colors may represent an affiliation, but this map only represent the Louisville hoods.

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