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Gary, Indiana

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Map of Gary Indiana Hoods (Gary Indiana Gangs)

Map that shows some of the areas of the Gary Indiana gangs, but mainly a Gary Indiana hoods map of the small city’s East Side, West Side, and South Side.

A city that once was famous for being the hometown of Michael Jackson and having the largest steel factories in the country, Gary would later become known as G.I. – Gangster Island.  The streets during the 1980s and 1990s led to the city become label as the murder capital with a high homicide rate as people were being affiliated to the local Chicago gangs, while others were creating there Gary Indiana gangs that were affiliated to a number of Gary Indiana hoods.

Gary Indiana gangs and hoods are all throughout the city, from the West Side to the East Side, as well as the South Side and Glen Park section of the city.

The East Side of the Gary Indiana includes the likes of the Color Doorz Projects in the St John Homes and Homewood Village, Marshalltown, Dorie Miller Projects, Aetna, and other blocks.

On the West Side of Gary Indiana, there are hoods from 5th Avenue to Tarrytown, with the infamous Concord apartments, Da Bronx, Gangstaville, and the old Ivanhoe projects, most of the city’s reputation lies on the West Side.

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