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Top 5 Drugs in America

Short Report on Drugs in America

The United States has one of the highest levels of drug consumption in the world as the narcotics trade profits billions of dollars a year.

Drugs in America come from several places, whether they are grown and manufactured in the United States or trafficked from different Latin America countries.

The use of illegal drugs has been around for generations but did not began to become a problem until the 1960s and 1970s as marijuana and heroin was becoming popular among hippies and people living in the inner city.

Before the drug epidemic of America, drugs were strictly known to be use for medicine, ingredients, religious and ritual purposes.

The war on drugs in America began in the 1970s as the DEA was just formed and escalated during the Reagan era who established several policies.

The start of the crack cocaine epidemic had more than half of all drug offenders in prison for cocaine with the majority being either African American or Latino.Today, much of the people incarcerated in county jails and state or federal prisons were originally arrested for a drug related crime.

The main drugs in America that people consume are methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription pills and pharmaceutical drugs and minor usage of hallucinogens.


1. Marijuana

Marijuana use has grown in popularity over the decades while simultaneously becoming more and more potent.

While more and more people of all ages, races and sexes consuming marijuana, legally marijuana convictions have become more lenient with some places issuing citations or having the possession of marijuana to be completely legal.

2. Opiates

Currently, opiates, in the form of heroin or prescription pills, are the most used drug in America and are causing a crisis of overdoses and over usage across the United States.

Pharmaceutical companies have been one of the country’s largest drug producers as many people misuse the system to sell and use for prescription pills and medicine for their own personal reasons.

The epidemic of heroin abuse has hit all communities and people of all walks of life as the drug is one of the biggest problems in the United States that is currently affecting millions of people.

3. Cocaine

Even though the use of cocaine has declined and has become less popular there is still much cocaine consumption in the United States.

Cocaine is not what it was in the 70s, 80s and 90s since there is not a large demand for the drug as there is not that many crack cocaine users and many powder cocaine users have either stopped or have chosen another drug of their choice.

As cocaine users are becoming more scarce than previous generations, the price of cocaine has risen and became more expensive, which is making hard for people to profit from cocaine sells.

4. Designer Drugs

Designer drugs like ecstasy or MDMA (also known as Molly) are man-made narcotics that is mostly popular within the younger demographics of America, even though the drug is slowly losing its popularity in some crowds.

Over the past few decades, designer drugs like ecstasy has becoming more and more popular as the drug is considered as an upper, meaning it provides a high energy euphoria.

According to some experts, ecstasy is just another form of methamphetamine, cocaine or heroin, depending on what type of narcotic the distributor decides to mix it with.

5. Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine, a man-made drug that has also been referred as Speed to some, has allegedly been around since the 1800s but around the 1940s and 1950s the drug became known for certain legal uses.

Its popularity has grown over the years, especially in the white and Latino population.

The effects that meth has on the body can easily be seen physically with the loss of weight or having unappealing facial features, together with other mental and health issues.

The production of methamphetamine is a very dangerous process that has killed hundreds of people as the ingredients are very hazardous, flammable and not meant for human consumption.

Today’s Drug Problem

The drug epidemic of America is increasing in consumption by the years as there are various types of drugs to choose from and has become highly popularize in today’s society.

Despite with the recent change in government administration officials as President Trump was elected to office, there still seems to be no slowing down of this country’s drug use.


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