Modern Day Slavery

Modern Day Slavery

While the 13th Amendment to the United States constitution ended and abolished slavery, for the most part, there was an exception; slavery will only be punishable by law.

Today, one of the biggest problems in the urban, and occasionally rural, communities across the country is the mass incarceration, especially with the large number of private prison companies in America.

Many of the people who are convicted and sentenced for a felony crime are incarcerated in facilities that are held by the private prison companies, while many of the people are arrested and convicted for petty crimes or are a non-violent offense.

Large private prison companies are growing despite the fact private prisons only make up a minor percentage of the incarceration population and are expected to gain considerable profits during Donald Trump’s term as President, especially with Jeff Sessions as Attorney General that gives him top authority over all law enforcement.


Statistics from the Bureau of Justice shows the amount of people in trouble with law enforcement has been rising steadily since the 1980s:

In 1980, there were less than a total of 2 million people incarcerated, whether they were in jail or in prison or on probation or parole.

By 2013, there were less than 7 million people, compared to the 2 million people over 30 years ago.  The majority of the data comes from people on probation, while people in prison takes up the second most, with people in prison reaching the one million mark by the mid 1990s.

Most of these private prison companies were created in the mid 80s, around the time the “War on Drugs” was started.

States in the south like Louisiana have the largest amounts of private prisons, as many people are incarcerated for non-violent offenses for a profit.

In some cases, private prison companies have stock you can purchase and invest in on the New York Stock Exchange.

With the already high cost of phone usage for inmates and their families, the overpriced commissary and canteen items, and even the outsource of having private and for profit providing medical services, the private prison industry is giant money making machine.

If you research and look up the top private prison companies in the United States, like the GEO Group, Corrections Corporation of America and many others, their official homepage can provide the actual amount and location of all of their facilities, the members of their board of trustees, how profitable and effective their company is, and much more.

While the total number of people imprisoned or on some type of correctional supervision has slightly decreased, the profit margin and the number of inmates in private prisons, as well as the number of private prisons, has either stayed the same or has increased over the years.

In present day with massive amount of drugs and firearms in the streets of urban communities, together with enforcement of stricter laws and deregulating certain protections, private companies stand to continue to make a large profit.