Ghetto Country AKA Rural America

Ghetto Country AKA Rural America

Historically, people have always look toward the African-American community, and even at times the Latino community, when the term ghetto or an impoverished neighborhood is used.

Today, some of the poorest and most impoverished areas in the United States are in rural towns that are predominantly Caucasian.

Places like eastern Kentucky, West Virginia, and numerous of communities throughout the South and Midwest have some of the highest levels of poverty in America.

While in the southern states of America many African-Americans live in rural counties that have much poverty, as well certain communities of Latinos and Native Americans, rural America is overwhelming Caucasian.

Even though percentage wise, white Americans of the United States do not have the percentage of welfare recipients compared to other races, they do have a considerable number of participants that outnumber any race.

Through a thorough search anyone would find that minorities have a higher percentage of welfare and government assistant program recipients within their community, but white families have the higher number of participants even though the Caucasians equal 60% of the United States total population.

Ironically, the clear majority of Republican and conservative voters are in the rural communities of America who participate the most in government assisted programs like Food Stamps (SNAP) or Medicaid.

Republicans, historically, have always been against welfare and entitlement programs despite the majority are located in conservative counties, which can mean that people vote against their own interest.

It has been known that there is a huge disparity between rural America and suburbia America as the difference is easily shown through ideas, lifestyles and finances.

From the trailer parks to the farmland to the backwoods, there is no doubt that the stereotype that only African-Americans and Latinos live in poverty plagued communities is a lie as if you drive through countless of rural American communities you would see otherwise.

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