Heart of Delaware (Wilmington, DE)

A small state that sits between Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, the “Heart of Delaware” is in cities like Wilmington and Dover. Over 900,000 people living in the state of Delaware, with the Delaware ghetto of the black and Latino communities in Wilmington and Dover equaling over 30% of the states total population.


The cities of Wilmington and Dover changed after the second World War as the black population was increasing, but at the same time the overall population was on a decline with many relocating into different communities of New Castle County.

The most important piece of information about Delaware’s black history is that the state was one of the two East Coast states, along with Maryland, to be a slave state as African-Americans were once sold as slaves in Rodney Square.

The state in its early days experienced the same trials and tribulations as other cities, with the “Separate but Equal” laws forcing the Delaware black population from being in certain areas.

The streets of Wilmington and Dover can be looked by some as a non factor without knowing the real streets of Delaware.

Dover’s sections of CP (Capitol Park), the Bricks (Capitol Green), New Street in the downtown area, Simon Circle, Town Point and Manchester Square, known to some as Iraq, is the majority of the Dover ‘hoods.

Wilmington, much bigger than Dover, has infamous areas like Southbridge, East Lake/the Bucket or RSP/RiverSide Projects and blocks throughout the “Down Bottom” and “Up Top” areas.


*Note: All information is provided through people of the community, outside sources, and research.  Some information might not be current and/or 100% accurate.

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