Top Roanoke, VA Rappers

Top Artist of the Roanoke Music Scene

Star city, also known as Roanoke, is a forgotten city in the state of Virginia with much talent as the city has a number of artist within the Roanoke music scene.

Below is a list of some of the top Roanoke rappers within the city.

Slick Jones, follow on Instagram @SlickJones28

Dubb Montega, follow on Instagram @Dubb024

KashWitDaBag, view more on YouTube: “KashWitDaBag”

Poe Mack, watch more videos on YouTube: “Poe Mack”



Gwaula / Prince Marley

Fat Boi Mike

M.O.E. Reese

Check out more Roanoke rappers with these Roanoke music channels.

Double M Visions
New Boss LifeĀ