Top Birmingham, AL Rappers

Top Birmingham Rappers:

List of the Best Rappers from Birmingham

Check out some of the top Birmingham rappers coming out of Alabama’s largest city.
Currently Montgomery has the most light shined on them in the state of Alabama, but Birmingham Alabama rappers have equal talent in the city.
While having close ties to Atlanta and being the birthplace of Gucci Mane, it seems to be just a matter of time before Birmingham becomes the next city.
Below is a list, not the full and complete list, that shows the amount of talented Birmingham rappers that this large city has.
This is not a full list of rappers from Birmingham, if anyone is missing leave a comment or email


Doonki Wild – follow on IG: @DoonkiWild_FG1501

KD, follow on IG: @KD205

Jabo, follow on IG: @Jaboent

YBN Nahmir, follow on IG:  @YBNNahmir



NorthSide Weezy, follow on Instagram: @BTMGreason

Lil Mone

Black Montana

Yayo Jugg, follow on IG: @Yayojugg

Also check out aKENXLFilm at to find and search for more rappers from Birmingham.