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The Top Hood Movies pt. 1

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Top Hood Movies of All-Time

Check out part 1 of the list that shows the top hood movies of all time, everything from Belly and New Jack City to Im Bout It and Pain In Full.

Fresh, starring Samuel L. Jackson, one of the most underrated hood movies is about a kid that is running drugs for a number of crews while going through personal issues.

Belly, starring DMX and Nas, a movie about robbing crew turned big time drug crew from Queens, New York who have become very successful until…

Im Bout It, starring Master P, one of the best underground hood movies is one of No Limit’s first films based on living and surviving New Orleans’ Calliope Projects

Paid In Full, a movie based on the lives three Harlem Kingpins back in the 1980s.

Menace 2 Society, movie about living and trying to cope with the street life of South Central in the 1990s.

Juice, when things go from bad to worse for a group kids growing up New York City during the 90s.

New Jack City, starring Wesley Snipes is iconic movie about a big time drug crew that controlled most of the city.


Deep Cover, a police officer goes to far in character while being undercover.

Sunset Park, the struggles of having a basketball team in ‘hood.

Blue Hill Avenue, a group of brothers and hustlers running the streets of Boston.

Mi Vida Loca, another unknown hood movies is about a group of girls growing up around gangs in East L.A.

Joy Road, a movie based around Detroit’s most infamous neighborhood Joy Road.


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