Top White Rappers

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Best White Rappers pt. 1

Traditionally, rap music has been mostly within the African-American community, while for the longest the white community have at times been the largest consumer of Hip Hop music.

Some of the first white rappers have been the likes of the Beastie Boys, Vanilla Ice, and a few more, while the most popular has obiviously been Eminem.

Currently, Hip Hop has transformed to having multiple genres and an even larger fan base and market than in previous years.

At the height of this new era white hip hop artists have become some of the biggest in the Hip Hop game and music industry.

Today, as Rock N Roll and Pop music seems to be less popular, with a number of new white rappers constantly showing up.

Below is a list of the best white rappers and some of the top white hip hop artists in the game.

Post Malone




Riff Raff

Lil Debbie

Machine Gun Kelly


Lil Dickey


Mac Miller

V Nasty



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