Top Female Rappers pt. 2

Top Women Rappers and Girl Rappers, Part 2

In a male dominant industry there a number of women rappers that are just as talented as any other artist in the industry.

Pioneers from Salt N Pepa to Lil Kim or southern artist like Trina, Mia X, Gangsta Boo and La Chat have all proved that women rappers are just as talented, if not more, as their male counterparts.

While currently girl rappers artists like Cardi B or Nicki Minaj are the main artist in the industry, together with Dej Loaf, Iggy Azalea, Remy Ma, or Azealia Banks to a lesser extent, there are number of female artist that have much clout in the game.

Below is a part 2 of a series of lists that show some of the top female hip hop artist that are either already well established or are on their way up to being next in the game.

Rocky Badd, from the city of Detroit. IG: @ImRocky.Badd / YouTube: Rocky Badd

Sasha Go Hard, from the city of Chicago.  IG: SashaGoHard / YouTube: “Sasha Go Hard”

Renni Rucci, from the capital city of Columbia, SC.  IG: @RenniRucci_ / YouTube: “Renni Rucci”

Neisha Neshae, from the city of Detroit.  YouTube: Neisha Neshae

Omeretta.  IG: @Omeretta / YouTube: “Omeretta The Great”

KaNeshia Sledge, from the city of Chicago.  IG: @ClassyNCutee / YouTube: KaNeshia Sledge

Bad Azz Becky, coming from the city of Orlando.  IG: @iamBadAzzBecky / YouTube: “Bad Azz Becky”

Jucee Froot, from the city of Memphis. IG: @iamJuceeFroot / YouTube: Jucee Froot

Nya Lee, from New York City’s Bronx community.  IG: @OG_Nya.Lee/ YouTube: “Nya Lee”

Chelly the MC, coming from the DMV area.  IG: @ChellyTheMC / YouTube: “Chelly The MC”


Karamel Kitty, from the city of Chattanooga.  IG: @_KweenKaramel / YouTube: “Karamel Kitty”

Nomii, from the city of Chicago. IG: @YouNomii

Yaya Flawless, coming from the city of Philadelphia. IG: @Yay_Flawless

Bangg 3, three girl rappers coming out of Ohio.  IG: @KoldKilla_ / IG: @1Bandooo  /  IG: @BlasianGoldie

Ash Bash, from the city of Los Angeles.  IG: @AshBashThaRapper / YouTube: “Ash Bash”

Cocc Pistol, coming from California’s Los Angeles.  IG: @CoccPistolCree / YouTube: Cocc Pistol Cree

Stunna Girl, coming from the city of Sacramento.  IG: @StunnaGirl / YouTube: “Stunna Girl”

Megan Thee Stallion, coming from Houston Texas.  IG: @TheeStallion / YouTube: Megan The Stallion

Southwest Mook, from the city of Detroit. IG: @SouthWestMook / YouTube: “Southwest Mook”


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