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Orlando, FL

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Map of the Orlando Hood

Check out a map that shows the real and true Orlando hood and other sections of Orange County, FL outside of the city’s tourist attractions, which mainly West Orlando, home to Parramore (Crosstown), Ivey Lane, Mercy Drive, Carver Shores, Richmond Heights and into the Pine Hills and South Apopka areas.

While there might be Orlando gangs affiliations in the city of Orlando and the county of Orange, Orlando gangs have never been part of the city’s culture with most people just claiming their own Orlando hood.

It should also be noted that gentrification is changing many of the areas within Orlando’s inner city and urban communities, so basically the demographics and makeup of many neighborhoods like Parramore are changing and the demolishing of areas within the Tampa Avenue, Mercy Drive and Orange Center areas have been relocating people to other parts and section of Orange county and the Orlando metropolitan.

Not an Orlando Gangs Map!!!

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