Top Toledo, Ohio Rappers

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Top Toledo Rappers:

List of Best Rappers from Toledo Ohio

The city of Toledo aka Glass City has a unknown Toledo music scene that many have never heard about but has many Toledo rappers with much talent.

Other than the legendary Lyfe Jennings and the old Hip-Hop group of the 419ers, there has been a Toledo rappers or anyone to come out of the city of Toledo.

Below is a list that is not complete and might leave some artist out but it is an example of the talent that Toledo Ohio rappers and the local music scene has to offer, make sure to leave a comment and give an opinion.


AocObama,  follow on Instagram: @AocObama and watch more videos on Youtube: Aoc Obama

Lil Johnnie, follow on Instagram: @LilJohnnie419 and watch more videos on Youtube: Lil Johnnie 

Dede Porter, watch more videos on Youtube: Dede Porter

Stink Bomb, follow on Instagram: @Stink_Bomb_419 and watch more videos on YouTube: “Stink Bomb Rapper”

Geech, watch more videos on YouTube – “Geech” 

Keyn,  follow on Instagram: @Keyn419 



Check other Toledo rap artist from the following YouTube Channels:



YoungMoe Films

JG Louis

Email tc.production@therealstreetz.com if any artist is missing or should be added.

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