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Top Montgomery Rappers

The capital city of Alabama, currently has one of the fastest growing music scene of any city in the state, with a number of Montgomery rappers.

Montgomery rappers have been around for the longest with Montgomery rap duo of of Dirty or the late Montgomery rapper of  Doe B.

Below is a list of a few of the top up and coming Montgomery rappers coming out of the Gump, while every Montgomery rapper might not be on the list there is still much talent.


Hitmaker D-Aye:  Follow on Instagram: @HitMakerDAye and watch more videos on YouTube: Hitmaker D-Aye

Super Nard: Follow on Instagram: @APGSuperNard and watch more videos on YouTube: Super Nard

Rubberband OG: Follow on Instagram: @RubberBandOG and watch more videos on YouTube: Rubberband OG

CBM Lil Daddy: Follow on Instagram: @LilDaddyCBM and watch more videos on YouTube – “CBM Lil Daddy”

Eldarado Red: Follow on Instagram: @ElChapoRado and watch more videos on YouTube: “Eldorado Red”


SpaceJam Bo:  Follow on Instagram: @1026SpaceJamBoand watch more videos on YouTube: SpaceJam Bo

King South:  Follow on Instagram: @KingSouthMade4TV 

Jr. Boss, watch more videos on Youtube: Jr. Boss 

Big G The Real, follow on Instagram: @OfficialBig_G and watch more on Youtube: Big G The Real 

Check out other YouTube channels of Montgomery rap artist:

Trey HD



Kel Lowe


Email if any artist are missing or should be added

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