St Louis Rappers: The Top St Louis Hip-Hop Artist

The Top St Louis Rappers

When most people think about the city of St Louis, or St Louis rappers in general, most always think of Nelly, along with Murphy Lee and the St Lunatics and Chingy, but the city has much talent.

While many may know the national talent, the city has had a number of local hits and artist like the St Louis hip hop artistof Da Hol 9, Taylor Made, County Brown, Out of Order, Raw Reese, Vic Damone, Spaide Ripper and Ruka Puff or St Louis rap songs like “My Life Is Like a Whirlwind”, “Mobb Out”, “Nina Pop”, “Nikki”, “Catch 22” or “My D***” by Black Pearl Mafia.

The city has mostly always produced St Louis rappers that make party music and just had one hits, from your J Kwon’s to your Huey’s, but the city has a new era of artist that really represent what St Louis really is.

Check out a few, and not a complete of the top St Louis rappers below, while there is a number of other up and coming St Louis rappers this list changes by the weeks.

*Below is not a full list and is in no particular order, if anyone is missing leave a comment or email tc.production@therealstreetz.com


Junior, from the West Side on Arlington, this is one of St Louis rappers that has a big buzz in the city.
Follow Junior Instagram – @BadBusinessJunior and watch more videos at YouTube: JuniorVevo

Thi’sl, somewhat of a Christian rapper, but still represents the community of St Louis, especially coming from the West Side’s Hodiamont neighborhood. Watch other videos at YouTube: Thi’sl and follow on Instagram @Thisl

Tiffany Foxx, the top female St Louis artist right now.  Watch more videos on her Youtube: Tiffany Foxx and follow on Instagram: @1TiffanyFoxx

Yo Banga, an O.G. of the city coming out of St Louis’ JVL neighborhood is not like most St Louis rappers by speaking real street stories.

Lil St Louis. Watch more videos from Lil STL at Youtube LilSTLOfficial or follow on Instagram: @LilSTL

Benji Brothers. An up and coming group from North County and making the most noise in the city, check out more from the Benji Brothers .


La4ss, from the Skan Blocc on the West Side. Follow on Instagram: @La4ss and YouTube: La4ss

Shana B. Search for more videos of Shana B on YouTube: Shana B or follow on instagram @shanabofficial

3 Problems, was a group of three artist until one got killed and one went to prison, leaving only Lil Tay from Downtown OPz. For more go to the 3 Problems YouTube page Probloshtt. or follow on IG: @3Problems_LilTay

Dee Huncho, follow on Instagram @AMRDeeHuncho and watch more visuals on YouTube: AMR Records .

Stape, follow on Instagram @_Stape and watch more videos at YouTube: Stape

Nikee Turbo, Follow on Instagram: @NikeeTurbo and watch more videos on YouTube at “Nikee Turbo”


While there are number of others like Tef Poe from Pine Lawn, Lul Half of the State Streets, Fugi B of Kinloch, Orack Pac who is incarerated from Downtown, Stebo from Riverview, SK from the Dub and many others, below is a list of more St Louis Rappers to check out with the following YouTube pages:

ViCkMoNtFiLMS: YouTube.com/Vickmontfilms

Torrey Production: YouTube.com/TorreyProduction

MorlessMedia: YouTube.com/MorlessMedia