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Memphis, TN

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Map of the Memphis Hoods

Map of that breaks down the Memphis hoods and Memphis gangs areas in the iconic sections of the North Memphis, South Memphis, and East Memphis, as well as hoods like Orange Mound, BlackHaven, WestWood, and more, in which have all been made famous through everyone’s favorite rappers, whether Young Dolph from Castalia or Juicy J from Evergreen or 8 Ball & MJG from Orange Mound.

A quick summary, the North Memphis section of the map shows the 7th Street, Klondike, Smokey City, New Chicago, Watkins N Brown, Evergreen, Douglass, Hyde Park, Binghampton, Mitchell Heights, and the many areas of the Frayser Bay Area and Raleigh.

In the South Memphis hood there is blocks around McLemore, Trigg, Walker, RivaCide (Riverside), South Parkway, Glenview, Castalia, Bunker Hill, and many more areas of the South and East Memphis area. 

Map also includes information and the location of the old hoods in the housing projects that have been mostly torn down except for the Foote Homes, along with history about certain Memphis areas.

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