The Philippines Drug War

The Philippine Slums

The story of the Philippine slums shows the poverty, the government corruption and the local Philippines drug war that has devastated many lives throughout the country.

Located off the coast of Southeast Asia, the country of the Philippines, since its independence from the United States during the 1940s, has always had government instability or some type of corruption, with an exception of a brief period during the 1990s.

Philippine slums Philippines slums

The Philippine slums of the capital city of Manila.

The Philippines is a set of islands that are combined to form one country with the metropolitan of Manila being the largest and most populated region.

While there are large cities in the Philippines, around 60% of the entire population of 100 million people lives in small and rural communities on separate islands as the country has a number of ethnic groups.


Even though the Philippines is more developed than many other countries, there is still a poverty rate of around 25% with many of the urban communities being more developed and having more resources than the rural areas.

While the country has had a number of issues like gangs in the Philippines who mostly fight with machetes or different radical terrorist groups, the main terrorist and the biggest gangs in the Philippines seems to be the Philippines’ government.

gangs in the philippines slums philippine slums

Gangs in the Philippines. Courtesy of Brian Evans/

Currently, the Philippines have one of the highest rates of drug usage in Asia especially as methamphetamine has reached millions of people in the country.

Beginning in 2016, the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has declared a war on drugs.

Anybody caught using or selling drugs has the right to be killed on the spot by the country’s law enforcement without having the right to hold trial or to be legally convicted with enough evidence.

Even though there has been a cut back on the violent fight against drugs, due to backlash and international criticism, there still are a number of human rights issues.

While drugs do harm and damage communities worldwide, the treatment of drug offenders, from overcrowding in correctional facilities to people being killed by authorities, in the Philippines is inhumane.


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