Map of Bay Area, CA Hoods

Bay Area Hoods Map

One of the most known and popular regions in the country, especially on the West Coast, the Bay Area has hoods in San Francisco, Richmond, Vallejo, Berkeley, Pittsburg, and Oakland.

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Map of the Bay Area hoods and the areas where some of the Bay Area gangs reside, even though most Bay Area hoods do not affiliate with gangs.

The hoods in San Francisco are in a few areas of the View, Fillmore, Sunnydale, Towerside, PH Potero Hill, and HP Hunters Point that make up the majority of San Francisco hoods while San Francisco gangs like the Nortenos or Surenos are mostly in the Mission area, but there are no Blood and Crip San Francisco gangs.

Unlike Los Angeles and other California cities, Oakland gangs are not big in the city but the Oakland hoods are all over the city.

North Side Oakland or the North Pole aka Ice City with Gaskill and Bushrod / Shattuck, West Oakland with Cypress Village, Acorn, Ghost Town, Dog Town and Lower Bottoms, East Oakland hoods of the old FunkTown, the Murder Dubbs / Twomps, Dirty 30s, High Street, the 50s and Sem City, and Deep East Oakland from the Rollin 100s to Brookfield to the 70s and Shady 80s.

The small city of Vallejo has hoods like Hillside and Su Side of South Vallejo, the Vistas around downtown, Millersville in Central Vallejo, and Crest Side and College Park of North Vallejo.

The Richmond CA gangs or hoods on the South Side with the Temples, 40s, 30s, Maine Line, Crescent Park, and the Manor. Deep C for Deep Central Richmond and North Richmond aka Nolia home Trojan Projects, Silver Ave, and more, as well Parchester Village and San Pablo make up the rest of the Richmond CA gang and hoods.

The small area of the Bay Area, Pittsburg CA gangs or hoods are in a few parts of town like the Lo (El Pueblo Projects), Caprino, West Pittsburg around Bailey Road, Parkside, and a few other spots of the city. Other areas of the Bay Area is EPA (East Palo Alto) and South Berkeley right outside of North Oakland.


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*Some areas might be wrong or missing. Leave a comment. Not a Oakland Gangs Map, San Francisco Gangs Map, etc…