Top Columbus, OH Rappers

Columbus Rappers

The capital city of Ohio never really had a huge music scene as Columbus rappers rarely made it to the national level.

While the city has produce Bow Wow, no real talent has ever truly came out of the city has good reputation for the current top Columbus Ohio rappers.

Below is a list of a few, and not all, of the top current and up and coming Columbus rappers and artist that have the potential to make it on a national level.

The Top Columbus Ohio Rappers & Artist:


Tae Fresh:  IG – @TaeFresh_  / SoundCloud – Tae Fresh  / YouTube – TaeFreshTV614

SouthfieldG: IG – @SouthFieldG  /  Twitter – @SouthFieldG  /  YouTube – “SouthFieldG”

BHE:  YouTube – “BHE”

Fetti Nation:  YouTube – “Fetti Nation” /  Mixtape – One Nation Under Fetti


Bangg3: IG: @KoldKilla_ / IG: @1Bandooo / IG: @BlasianGoldie


1st48: YouTube – “1st48”  /  SoundCloud – 1st48 / @1st48toosie @1st48bigduke @1st48waxx @1st48shink @1st48freak

C Streets:  IG – @_CStreets  /  Mixtape – Finessin After The Deal  /  YouTube – “C Streets”

ShootEm Up:  IG – @OhLord_ShootEmUp  /  Twitter – @BSQ_ShootEmUp  /  YouTube – “ShootEmUp”


Other Columbus rappers include:

Blu Denim: Twitter – @BluDenimMusic  /  YouTube – “Blu Denim”

OG Pink: YouTube: “OG Pink” / IG: @FreshPaperPink

Ush3x: YouTube – “Ush3X” / IG: @Ush3x_UshGang

HotBoy Ouz:  IG – @WiltkouzyChamberlain  / SoundCloud – HotBoy Ouz  / YouTube – Hotboy Ouz

Boy Wonder DaOne:  IG – @BoyWonder.DaOne  /  Twitter – @BoyWonderDaOne  / YouTube – “Boy Wonder DaOne”

Evil Rio of Family First / F.OE:  IG – @Evil_Rio_Famous  /  YouTube – Streets Favorite

BoomyDaGreat: IG – @BoomyDaGreat /  Twitter – @BoomyDaGreat / YouTube – BoomyDaGreat

Wizzle: YouTube – “Wizzle”

700 Benji: YouTube – “700 Benji”


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