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Map of Miami-Dade County, FL Hoods

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Map of Miami Hoods

Map that shows the areas of the Dade County hoods with sections like Liberty City, Overtown, Carol City, Opa Locka, and many more.  This map of the different Dade County areas are mostly within the city’s black community of Dade County, even though most of the Miami neighborhoods are home to Cubans and Latinos. *There are no Miami gangs, so colors on the map do not represent anything.

In the northern section of Dade County, there is Miami hoods like Carol City home to a few hoods and apartments, Opa Locka and its Ali Baba Ave, Little Haiti, Liberty City and the projects like Pork N Beans, NMB (North Miami), Lil River, Norland area, Wynwood, and Overtown.

There other side of Miami is parts of south Dade County with a number of sections that often get overlook by the other areas of Dade, with hoods like Richmond Heights, Naranja, South Miami Projects, Coconut Grove, Goulds, Leisure City, Florida City, Perrine, and more.

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*Not a Miami Gangs Map. If anything is missing on the map or you would like to contribute email: tcproductionllcmedia@gmail.com