Top Orlando, FL Rappers

Orlando Rappers:

The Top Orlando Hip Hop Artist of the local Orlando Music Scene

A city that has been known for its entertainment with Disney World and Universal Studios, has another side of entertainment, Orlando rappers coming out of areas like West Orlando.

While South Florida has the most shine within the state, Orlando rappers have just as much talent within the local Orlando music scene.

Below is a list of a few of the top Orlando hip hop, even though there is many more holding it down for the streets of Orlando.


Bad Azz Becky.  Check out one of the top female Orlando hip hop artist in the entire state of Florida.  Follow on IG: @IAmBadAzzBecky / YouTube: BadAzzBecky

GlokkNine, a young artist of the Orlando music scene making much noise in the state of Florida.  Follow on IG: @glokk9afnf

Dee Boi. Follow on IG: @DeeBoiFYY and watch more visuals at YouTube: PurpleHeartShow.

Woop, currently released from prison, a rising Orlando hip hop artist with much anticipation for when he touchdown. IG: @TheRealWoopWoop or watch more videos at YouTube: RealWoopWoopTV

Mook Boy, watch more on his YouTube channel called FlyGoon or follow on IG: @MookBoyFlyGoon.

LBP Poody, follow on IG: @lpb.poody


Bossman JD, follow on Instagram: @Bossman_JD and watch more visuals on YouTube: “Bossman JD” 

PI Bang, watch more videos YouTube: PI Bang. and follow on IG: @PIBang

Liek Baby, follow on IG: @LiekBaby407 and watch more at YouTube: Liek Baby.

GlitchMan, watch more visuals on YouTube: Glitch Man. and follow on Instagram: @YeahItsGlitch

Ball Gizzle, watch other videos at YouTube: Ball Gizzle.and follow on IG: @BallGizzle

Note Huncho, watch more videos at YouTube: Note Huncho. and follow on IG: @Rich_Ass_Huncho


Check out more Orlando music from the following Orlando Hip Hop YouTube pages:

 Raw VisionFilmz