Top Shreveport, LA Rappers

Top Shreveport Rappers:

List of the Best Rappers from Shreveport

Shreveport, aka Ratchet City, has had its Shreveport rappers to be overlooked by New Orleans and later by the city of Baton Rouge, as far as the Louisiana music scene goes.

People like Hurrican Chris and DJ Hollywood BayBay were some of the most known Shreveport rappers and people of the music industry to come out of the Ratchet City.

The list of 2017-2018 rappers from Shreveport below shows a few of the top artist in Shreveport, while the list may not be complete or missing a few artist it is an example on the music scene of Shreveport, Louisiana.


Rayski Baby, up and coming artist who has a number of hits with Solo Lucci, Donkey of Boosie’s Bad Azz, and a few more while also working with Hollywood BayBay.  Follow on IG @RayskiBaby

Big Poppa.Follow Big Poppa on IG: @BigPoppa1411 or and subscribe YouTube: BTownEnt.

B Will, one of the top artist on Boosie’s Bad Azz Ent. Follow on IG: @FNNBWill  and subscribe on YouTube: BWill9000

SOD Bankroll, follow on IG @SODBankRoll1 and subscribe on YouTube: SOD Bankroll

Ant Bankz, from the North Side of the city make sure to check out more on YouTube.com/AntBankz


RIP Ratchet Life, an up and coming Shreveport rapper that unfortunately lost his life, IG: @MrRatchetLife and YouTube: Ratchet Life

Cocaine Coby, watch more visuals on YouTube: “Cocaine Coby” 

Tuwoop, check out more music on YouTube: Tuwoop

Ratchet Lo, check out more music on YouTube: RatchetLo and follow on IG: @RatchetLo

Lil Mandigo, watch more visuals on YouTube: “Lil Mandigo”

Neciy Locc, coming from the Stoner Hill neighborhood. Follow on IG: @NecityLocc and Twitter: @NeciyLocc  


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We Are The Streets 
King Von
If list is incomplete or anyone is missing leave a comment or email tc.production@therealstreetz.com
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