Map of Gainesville, FL Hoods

gainesville hood gainesville florida gangs

Gainesville, FL Hoods

Map of the Gainesville hoods of the small North Florida city that has to be the home of the University of Florida and goes by the nickname of GangstaVille.

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While the police might label some areas in the city as Gainesville gangs, this map only shows the Gainesville hoods and urban communities of the city and not anything.

Gainesville hoods include the housing complexes like the Sugar Hill projects, Village Green, PineRidge, the old Kennedy Homes and the Lake Road area or communities like the Porters Quarters, LEP Lincoln Estates, Crosstown, and Out East Duval 8th Ave.


*Some areas might be wrong or missing, leave a comment.  This Is Not a Gainesville Gangs Map.

Check out more on the communities in the state of Florida.

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