Chattanooga Rappers: The Top Chatt Town Rappers

Chattanooga Rappers: The Top Chatt Town Rappers

Tennessee’s third largest city, the music scene of the Chattanooga rappers often gets overlooked by the artist and music scene of Nashville and Memphis, especially as the two are rising nationally.

Not that many mainstream artist have ever come out of the city, with exception to Chattanooga rappers like Maal The Pimp (@MaalThePimp), YZ Dream, (@YZ_Dream) , YG Tut (@TutHouse), or that many OG rappers like Unkle Po (@UnklePo) and a few others.

Below is a look at the Chattanooga music scene of today with artist like  Young Bron, Kara’mel Kitty, SGT Flock and many more.

Cle Raq, a female artist that raps about the streets from a female, check out other videos YouTube: Cle Raq

Young Bron, street artist that comes from the Highland Park area, follow on IG: @YoungBron

Mike Scruggs, Chattanooga Hip-Hop artist representing the South Side of the city, follow on IG: @YungLife4100

SGT Flock, coming out of East Chattanooga follow on IG: @YGFlock


Karamel Kitty, the top female artist coming out of Chattanooga, Instagram: @_KweenKaramel and watch more on Youtube: Kween KaraMel

Gwopper Stacks, follow on Instagram @GwopperStacks and watch more videos at @YungStacks423.

Chinaa B Rose. Check out more of China Rose on Instagram: @icantstandchinaa, or on YouTube at Chinaa B Rose

Blu RollxN, follow on IG: BluRollxn


For more visuals of Chattanooga rappers check out these Youtube pages, Youtube.com/ShotsbyAKFilms or Youtube.com/WFilms