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The Heart of Central Valley: Bakersfield, CA

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The Heart of Central Valley:

Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield, located in California’s Central Valley, is an unknown city that sits miles away from other major California cities with a population of close to 400,000 the city’s Hispanic population dominates as the black community equals 8% in a city with an average income of $24,000 and a poverty rate of 20%.

Bakersfield Mexican History

Bakersfield neighborhoods are dominated by the city’s large Mexican population that mostly resides on the city’s East Side and South Side, while also having communities on the city’s West Side.

For obvious reasons, Mexicans and the Latino population has for the longest been part of the city of Bakersfield’s society.

Since the state of California was part of the country of Mexico, the city’s Mexican community deserves the acknowledgement of the contribution that their community has provided for the city.

Since California was ceded to the United States and became a state during the 1850s and the discover of gold the region has become more and more influenced by American culture.

Today, the Mexican community plays huge role in Bakersfield while having their own identity and cultural practices separated from the other societies of the city.

Bakersfield Black History

The heart of the African-American community is around Cottonwood Road and in the Lakeview community from Chester Avenue to MLK Boulevard between California Avenue and Highway 58.

In the city’s early days of Bakersfield, most of the African-American population lived in rundown overcrowded Bakersfield ghetto communities.

These communities were mostly located on the outskirts of the city and in Southeast Bakersfield, a rough area that was often segregated and discriminated against.

Eventually, black families would slowly make their way towards communities around California Avenue, between Chester and today’s MLK, during the 1940s and 1950s.

Many of the African-Americans came as migrants from the south to help pick cotton the regions cotton fields.

Streets of the Bakersfield Gangs

The streets of the Bakersfield ghetto are some of the roughest in Central Valley and the state of California, below is an example with a Bakersfield gangs map.


Bakersfield gangs like the Crips with sets like East Side, West Side, and Country Boys or Mexican gangs like the Bakers with multiple sets throughout the city have built a well-known reputation.

Even though crime in every category is above the national average the city of Bakersfield not as bad as the media and most people makes it seem but Bakersfield still has numerous of reputable communities.

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