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Flint, MI

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Map of the Flint Michigan Hood

Check out a few of the Flint Michigan hoods and some of the Flint Michigan gangs areas that are mostly on the North Side of town with a few on the smaller side of the South Side.

The Flint Michigan hood includes Civic Hood around Bassett Park and the intersection of Ballenger Highway and Welch, 6th Ward west of Dupont and between Welch and Flushing Rd., 5th Ward south of Hamiltion Ave. along MLK and Saginaw.

Other Flint Michigan gangs and hood areas are Wesley Hood around MLK and Pasadena, West Pad of West of Dupont along Pasadena Ave, Merrill Hood between Pasadena and Stewart and west of Dupont, Selby Hood around Clovelawn and Pierson, and Dewey Hood around Saginaw and Stewart.

To continue on the North Side, Pierson Hood off Pierson between MLK and Saginaw, Gundry Hood around Hasselbring Park, CSH around College and Carpenter, the Projects of River Park, and Sik Drive of Cecil Drive.

Other section of Flint gangs and the Flint Michigan Hood are BucTown of Beecher, Michigan, the East Side around Franklin and Dort Hwy, and the South Side home to Howard Estates, Regencys, the TownHouses and more.

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