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Roanoke, VA

The Short Roanoke Ghetto Story

A small city in the hills of the Appalachian Mountain range of western Virginia, the streets and community of the Roanoke ghetto sits west of Interstate 581.

Star City or the ‘Noke story of the city’s urban community begins in the area that surrounds Gainsboro Road, with Henry Street being the once heart of the Roanoke VA black population.

roanoke ghetto

Over the years, the urban community would eventually expand towards Peters Creek Road, with neighborhoods like the SouthWest or Melrose.

Today, in a city that has around 100,000 people only about 30% is of the Roanoke VA black population, with the majority living mostly on the Northwest and Southwest sides of the city.


While the reputation of Roanoke urban communities may not be as respected as Richmond or Norfolk, but with ‘hoods like VH1, Lincoln Terrace, or Lansdowne the streets of Roanoke ghetto are not much different.

roanoke ghetto roanoke va black population

Although Roanoke is much smaller than most major cities, problems in the Roanoke VA black population are similar, from the community not receiving enough assistance from the city to conflicts with the local police.

Below watch the video featuring a couple of Hip Hop artist, Paper Trelle and Jay Kash, as they talk about the streets of the Roanoke ghetto, Roanoke gangs and more on the Roanoke VA black population.


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