Cincinnati Rappers: The Top Cincy Rappers

Cincinnati Rappers:

 List of Best Rappers from Cincinnati…

Check out the top Cincinnati rappers of a large city in Ohio that is soon to be the next in line for the national rap scene.

The rappers from Cincinnati have not yet made a major impact in the industry as other cities, other than the old Cincinnati Hip Hop artist of Hi-Tek.

One of Ohio’s and the Midwest largest city, Cincinnati rappers have much talent with many on the rise and up and coming not just in Cincinnati hip hop scene but also in the national industry.

Below is a list of some of the top Cincinnati rappers and artist coming out of the city, while this might not be the full list but this example shows the amount of talent in the Ohio city of Cincinnati.


Skylar Blatt, follow on Instagram: @SkylarBlatt__TheMachine and watch more on YouTube: “Skylar Blatt”

Skally, follow on Instagram @skally_fooleo and subscribe on Youtube: FoolyTV

Young Butta, follow on Instagram:@IAmYoungButta 

Cook Laflare, watch more on Youtube: “Cook Laflare” and follow on Instagram: @CookLaflare101

D. Neek, follow on Instagram: @BabyFaceHustla

Benzzo, follow on Instagram: @Young_Benzzo

Sada James, follow on Instagram @Sada_TooPretty


Lil Spig, follow on Instagram: @LilSpigg

Mundo, follow on Instagram: @MundoShoy16

Paydro, follow on Instagram: @PaydroBCE

Dae Wun, follow on Instagram: @Dae_Wun

Lantana , follow on Instagram: @LantanaEasy

Lil Bodie, follow on Instagram: @TheRealLilBodie 

K.I.D, follow on Instagram:@GuacamoleGodd


The Cincinnati hip hop scene has numerous of other Cincinnati rappers like Prince Bopp, Staxs, Tae Da Yee, Lotto Lot, Yung Double, Selfmade Espy, Banks, Setta Da Prince, Nino The Plug and many others.
Also to check out other rappers from Cincinnati visit the following top Cincinnati rap YouTube channels to see other artist and get good example of the local talentDreamVisionPlusFatKid FilmsKendallMathisVxKMBigStoopid513 , Adrian BronnerDir. WhiteWork.