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Savannah, GA

Inside the Real Savannah Neighborhoods,

from West Savannah to East Savannah

While the streets of the Savannah ghetto, also known as C-Port, may have a strong reputation within the state of Georgia, Savannah’s culture, heritage and history within the black community has not been truly told.

Savannah Black History

Being one of the oldest cities in the South and the oldest city in Georgia, along with a unique Gullah Geechee culture, Savannah’s history dates back to the days of slavery as there was a number of slave plantations within the area of Chatham County.

After the days of slavery ended, Jim Crow laws and segregation led to blacks to build and create their own community.

Examples included everything from one of the country’s oldest all-black colleges of Savannah State University to the days of thriving businesses along West Broad Street.

savannah ghetto

Most of Savannah’s original communities were on the West Side, like Tatemville, Cuyler-Brownville, FrogTown, until the construction of the highway destroyed the neighborhood, or the later middle class communities of Cann Park and Cloverdale.

On the East Side of the city, most of the neighborhoods were either mostly white or segregated until the 1970s when neighborhoods like East Savannah were becoming more of an African-American community.


The Real Savannah Neighborhoods

The biggest and most known communities of the Savannah ghetto are the housing projects.

From the West Side’s Yamacraw Village, the old and former Fellwood Homes, Kayton Homes, and Frazier Homes to the East Side’s old and demolished Hitch Village, Wessels Homes, and Blackshear, the projects make up a large section of the streets in the Savannah ghetto.

east savannah ghetto west savannah neighborhoods

Outside of the projects, West Savannah is home to areas like Liberty City, Tatemville, G Street (Gwinnett Street) and Carver Village, West Savannah (the actual community), Woodville and Garden City.

As many West Savannah neighborhoods have been part of the black community, blocks around Waters Avenue to the blocks that make up East Savannah are part of the smaller the East Side, which gained African-Americans after integration.

east savannah ghetto west savannah neighborhoods

Other than the Savannah neighborhoods of East Savannah and West Savannah, there are also small communities on the South Side, which is more of a suburban and rural part of town.

The diversity of the Savannah neighborhoods can easily be seen while touring the city as the wealthy areas, at times, are side by side to the communities within the Savannah ghetto.

With the city of Savannah being one of the biggest tourist cities in the country, becoming more and more of a retirement community and has a large wealthy population, the fate of the urban communities in Savannah is in jeopardy.


TheRealStreetz of Savannah, GA

Above is a short documentary on the urban communities, from West Savannah to East Savannah, of the city locally known as the C-Port.  Watch live interviews in the heart of the Savannah ghetto as a number of people breakdown the Savannah neighborhoods and the true meaning of growing up in Savannah.


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*Note: All information is provided through people of the community, outside sources, and research. Some information might not be current and/or 100% accurate.