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Macon, GA

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The Real Macon History:

The Short Macon Gangs & Ghetto Story

Being only a hour away from one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, the city of Atlanta has very little influence on the streets and community of the Macon ghetto.

A city that has over 150,000 people living within Bibb County, the majority, around 67%, is African-American with the other percentage being mostly white.

macon ghetto

The Unionville neighborhood

Some of the first communities in the city for black families were Unionville, Pleasant Hill, Fort Hill and a few other neighborhoods in the city of Macon.

During the cities early days, like every other city in the south, there was heavy segregation with schools and other public facilities and places.


Beginning in the 1970s and 1980s, many white families began to leave the city, especially their Bloomfield and South Macon neighborhoods.

Around that time, many claim that the movement of white families outside of the city was followed by many of the job opportunities that once were.

Today, the black community has spread to most of the city, like Bloomfield, Houston Avenue, Shurling Wood or Bellvue.

macon ghetto

The streets of the Macon ghetto are not the same as most places in the country, especially when being compared to the other major cities of Georgia.

Starting around the 80s and definitely during the mid-90s, Macon gangs like the Crips or Gangster Disciples became introduced into the city, and grew throughout the city while building Macon’s reputation in the state of Georgia.

Currently there are certain areas in the city that are changing, especially with the help of Mercer University expanding and causing certain neighborhoods to be no longer.


TheRealStreetz of Macon, GA

Above is a short documentary video that goes live into the real streets of the Macon ghetto while breaking down the true urban community of Macon from gentrification to Macon gangs to what are the community needs.

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*Note: All information is provided through people of the community, outside sources, and research. Some information might not be current and/or 100% accurate.